Work with common people

I’ve been so fortunate to work with amazing, talented people in this industry. My career as a denim tailor progressed at the ripe age of 25. I was working at The Levi’s Meat Packing Store in Manhattan and managed most of the in-house repairs and tailoring services. After a couple of years, I was referred to Selfedge, another denim company in the city, where I refurbished denim and hemmed jeans on vintage sewing machines. After thousands of hems and jean repairs, I was left stagnant and unfulfilled. I wanted more… I needed a challenge.

The next chapter of my life changed my entire perspective on denim. I moved back to the Bay Area in search of finding a designer position. I teamed up with Clinton Park, an apparel servicing company that specialized in creating bespoke jeans. In an instant, I was hooked. There was nothing more gratifying than pouring every ounce of willpower and energy into creating pieces from beginning to end. With Clinton Park, I learned the process of workflow and pattern making. Furthermore, I tended to fifteen different sewing machines daily to construct bespoke jeans.

Let me repeat - I’ve been so fortunate to work with amazing, talented people in this industry. Today, began another chapter in my journey. I teamed up with companies in the Bay Area who abide by the same business model and ethical production of high quality goods handmade by local makers. And we are on the fast track to making our mark on this industry.

Now I know that this is just the beginning of my true journey.

Rolend sewing with Ihssan, owner of Shaabi Denim located in Alameda, Ca.

Video by Salt Cebe