Today, marks the day

It's hard to find time and patience to update websites and blogs. In fact, I’ve put it off for years. It has always been, “Uh, maybe tomorrow or next week, I promise.” Today will be the day. My purpose is to share knowledge and some experiences that I have acquired in the industry of apparel and design.

People in this industry fear competition by sharing their sources, information, or techniques, but this culture of secrecy benefits no one. I hope to ease the minds of some who find it difficult to find a platform to discuss topics like refurbishing denim /leather, do-it-yourself projects, and some tips on sewing with industrial machines. I am far from a self-proclaimed master of any trade yet, but I am confident enough to say that I have earned a couple notches under my “well-crafted belt” in this industry.

Knowledge is power and not sharing what I’ve obtained throughout the years would be a waste of this craft I feel so passionately about. Stay tuned… MORE TO COME!

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Photographer YC Dong